Rogers Device Protection vs AppleCare vs Bounce

With the prices of top tier smartphones rising every year, with the very top price point being close to $2,000 with taxes the cost of a screen replacement can result in some intense sticker shock, especially if you're not expecting to have to pay for it.

In this post we’ll go over some of the most popular screen insurance coverage options you can sign up for when you invest in a brand new Apple or Android cell phone in 2021 as well as what the alternative options are if you don’t have any type of insurance. 

We'll also answer common questions like;

If you have AppleCare, can you get a replacement device? 

Some manufacturers have very specialized OLED displays which will always cost more to replace. Even those with LCD displays like the iPhone 11 and XR can be costly out of warranty repairs if you want Premium quality screens and not Aftermarket alternatives which - well, they look like Aftermarket alternatives.

There are three options we’ll go over in this post - Rogers Device Protection, AppleCare+ and Bounce. Each has their own set of benefits, and hopefully this post helps you make the decision that’s right for you, whether you break your phone screen every fiscal quarter or just feel like you might for the first time.

Option 1: Rogers Device Protection - $13/mo + applicable fees

If you're financing the cost of your device over a year or two, then this is probably what you were pitched at the store or kiosk. Here’s the breakdown of what you get and the cost.

Premium Device Protection Includes

  • First broken screen at no extra cost - as long as there is no further damage to your device
  • Option for repair or replacement for out of warranty failures - at an extra cost in addition to the monthly fee 
  • 2 service requests maximum per 12 month period. 
  • Repair Processing Fees range from $30 - $175
  • Replacement Processing Fees range from $100 - $400
  • Available only for a phone activated on a Rogers plan, Android or Apple.

Option 2: AppleCare+ - $10/mo + applicable fees

AppleCare+ for Rogers devices must be purchased the same day as activation and can be done over the phone. While it is less than the $13/mo, there still are processing fees depending on which device you’re investing in protecting.

AppleCare+ Includes

  • Extends warranty to an additional 2 years
  • Coverage for two incidents of accidental damage during the insured period vs 1 year with Rogers Device Protection.
  • Additional fees only $39 for screen damage, $129 for other damage.
  • Express Replacement  Service included - if you’re not within distance or unable to make it to an Apple Store, a return label as well as replacement device will be sent out to you. 
  • Free battery replacement if your battery health drops below 80% within the coverage period. 

Can I get a replacement device with Apple Care?

The short answer is most likely and it depends.

The eligibility requirements for a replacement phone under AppleCare service coverage vary depending on the specific terms of your plan and the nature of the issue with your current phone. In general, if your phone is damaged or has a manufacturing defect that is covered under your plan, you may be eligible for a replacement phone, especially if the damage is excessive like a broken rear glass and front screen.

To determine if you are eligible for a replacement phone under Apple Care, you will need to contact Apple Support or visit an Apple Store to discuss your situation and review the terms of your plan. Some factors that may impact your eligibility include the type of damage to your phone, how long you have had your plan, and whether your phone is still under warranty.

It's worth noting that in some cases, Apple may be able to repair your phone rather than replace it, depending on the specific issue and the availability of replacement parts. However, if a replacement phone is necessary, Apple will work with you to provide a suitable replacement based on the terms of your plan.


Option 3: Bounce Insurance - $39-$89/yr

Bounce is a third-party insurance provider that has stepped in to provide some more flexible options to consumers looking to protect their device outside of carrier and manufacturer options.

Bounce Insurance Includes

  • Zero dollar deductible - only cost is the upfront plan which depends on the current market rate for screen replacement for your device.
  • Phones can be insured at any time, even second hand phones, no carrier restrictions.
  • Only covers broken screens, no other issues such as charge port, battery, or broken back glass.
  • Initial fee includes two broken screen replacements within one year from date of activation
  • Replacement can be done at any repair shop you want - including Apple.
  • Reimbursement is done within 24 hours via Interac e-transfer.

Considering how popular upgrading phones annually  and the secondary pre-owned device market  is, it’s interesting to see there are only three available market options for consumers in Canada. 

While all the above options have their pros and cons, our recommendations generally fall under Bounce for pre-owned devices - both Android and Apple, or AppleCare+ for newer iPhones. Rogers Device Protection, when compared to Bounce and AppleCare+.

Case Study: Insuring an iPhone 11

As a case study, if you purchased a pre-owned iPhone 11 from DeviceList, Apple or financed through a carrier, let’s look at your screen replacement cost assuming you dropped it and smashed the screen as you were walking out of the store. 

Rogers Premium Device Protection

As of the writing of this in early 2021, the iPhone 11 is $875 at Rogers, so financed over 24 months, and based on this pricing table from the Premium Device Protection site the cost would be the following

  • $13+tax for the first month
  • Repair Processing Fee of $70+tax
  • Total: $93.79 (assuming 13% Ontario HST)

AppleCare+ via Apple or Carrier

One of the advantages of AppleCare is that the processing fees are fixed based on the type of damage, not gradual based on the value of the device. The other upside is that you’re getting a legitimate screen or battery replacement from the manufacturer, not a third party, and the repair itself is done by the manufacturer themselves.

  • $10+tax for the first month
  • Service Fee for all screen repairs $39+tax
  • Total: $55.37 (assuming 13% Ontario HST)

Bounce Insurance

The beauty of Bounce is if you have an older device you're using right now - or a brand new one, you can insure it at any time, as long as the screen isn’t damaged. In this case, the iPhone 11 out of warranty screen replacement cost is $259+tax, which ends up being $292.67 if we’re assuming 13% HST. Bounce has multiple plans and the Prime Protection plan for $39 covers up to $300 in cost, which is perfect.

There are absolutely no other fees, and this only covers accidental broken screens - not lost or stolen devices, water damage or other issues your phone may encounter

  • One flat fee of $39+tax 
  • Total: $43.68 (assuming 13% Ontario HST)
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