Maximize your savings! Students receive $20 off any repair or device sale. Whether you're shopping for back to school tech or a captivating gaming console, use your hard-earned cash to unlock more value — for yourself and the environment.  Everything at Mobile Tech Lab is $20 off with your code, so you can save on a new or used iPhone, iPad, or even a device repair.
  • 1. Verify your a student in Canada by clicking the link below
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Attention all students, we have tech savings for you!

This deal is just for Students in Canada. You can use it once a year to get $20 off any repair or device sale. To get this discount, please follow our link above to get verified. You'll get $20 off right away, but you can only use it once, and you can't use it with other deals. You have one year to use the discount code, and you can't give it to someone else.

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Whether you're starting your first year or working on your big college projects, you need affordable gear. From laptops to coffee makers, Mobile Tech Lab has what you need, all at low prices.

On top of our already great discounts on new and used tech, all students can save an extra $20 on anything we sell or fix. We have a wide selection of like-new items like laptops, tablets, headphones, game consoles, and more. Did you know we also offer device repairs? Don't forget to look at our smartphones too, so you can call home once in a while.