Cheap Cell Phones Under $200

With the rising cost of a 2023 smartphone like the iPhone 13 or iPhone 14 still well above $1,200 it's not uncommon for Canadian customers to be on the lookout for cheaper iPhone and Samsung phones for less than $200. Most customers know by now what they need their phone for, and with the constant releases of new phones - both from Apple and Samsung the average consumer can feel overwhelmed.

If you need a working phone and are a light user of social media, texting and calling a used iPhone 8 or a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S8 may be better options than shelling out thousands for a brand new release.

The other benefit of going with a cheap Samsung phone for less than $200, is that you aren't paying a premium for things like included accessories - chargers and cables you may already have - as well as a premium for a device being brand new sealed.

Samsung Phones Under $200 

Samsung and other Android manufacturers are notorious for releasing tons of devices to fit every niche of customer, across the world.

Mobile Tech Lab has tons of devices priced below $200 with free standard shipping across Canada. These are available online or in any of our Manitoba locations, including our Brandon, MB phone repair shop and include;

  • Samsung Galaxy A03 Core
  • Samsung Galaxy A03 (more RAM, more GB options)
  • Samsung Galaxy S8