Mobile Tech Lab defines our tablets and iPad devices as certified pre-owned instead of refurbished, which we feel more accurately describes the condition. 

Our devices are fully tested, show minimal signs of wear, and are sold backed by a one year warranty, and lifetime IMEI guarantee in the case of cellular-enabled devices.  Whether you're looking for a great deal on a refurbished iPad 8 or a refurbished Android tablet that tend to be more affordably priced, we have something for everyone. 

Used iPad's are a great choice for customers looking for cost-effective devices for children or elderly family members looking for an affordable solution. The annual iPad hardware release by Apple can usually cost upwards of $600+ depending on the capacity, color and size you go with, so a 2 year old used iPad in Canada often yields a savings of at least $100-200 if not more.

There are even iPad devices that are deprecated and no longer support the download of new apps that are available for even less. For example the used iPad Air 1 is a great deal at less than $200, especially if using updated apps like YouTube is not a priority - keeping in mind, you can still access it via Chrome or Safari.