Like-New devices, up to 60% off original sticker price.

At Mobile Tech Lab, we offer a wide variety of fully unlocked certified pre-owned phones, tablets, and computers in different cosmetic and technical conditions, shipping from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our certified pre-owned devices come in our clear and labelled device boxes, so you can easily see the cosmetics of the devices without even taking it out of the box.

We have 2 types of condition grading we go through to find our final device grading condition.

1. Cosmetic Condition: Graded from Mint, Great, Good, and Fair. We rigorously inspect, 60+ point test, and evaluate the devices cosmetic condition, then give it a cosmetic grading. When evaluating certified pre-owned devices we take every part into consideration. From the screen, the earpiece speaker, and even the camera lens. Read all 60+ points below.

2. Technical Condition: Graded from Mint, Great, Good and Fair. We take our grading a step further and rigorously inspect the technical condition using software and hardware tools. Including the battery health, liquid resistant seals, structural rigidity, and over 30+ more technical points. Read all 30+ points below.

All of our certified pre-owned device are 100% fully functional and has been tested to ensure it meets our high standards.

Brand New: A brand new certified pre-owned device is one that has never been used before and is still in its original packaging. It has no signs of wear or damage and is in perfect condition.

Mint: A mint condition certified pre-owned device is one that looks like it has just come out of the box, even though it may have been used before. There are no visible scratches, scuffs or marks on the phone's body, screen or buttons.

Great: A great condition certified pre-owned device is one that has been gently used and well taken care of. It may have some minor wear and tear, such as small scratches or scuffs on the body or screen, but they are barely noticeable.

Good: A good condition certified-pre owned device is one that has been moderately used and has some visible signs of wear and tear. It may have minor scratches or scuffs on the body or screen.

Fair: A fair condition certified-pre owned device is one that has been heavily used and has significant signs of wear and tear. It may have noticeable scratches or scuffs on the screen or body.

No Face ID / Touch ID: A No Face ID / Touch ID device is always in good to fair cosmetic condition, the only defect with the device is that the biometrics (Face ID or Touch ID) do not work. Everything else in the device is tested and working 100%.

Lock Status All our devices come fully unlocked, so you can use them with any carrier. Choose a certified pre-owned device from our vast inventory in Canada, that's right for you and enjoy it with confidence, knowing that it's fully backed by our warranty.

Mobile Tech Lab's 1-Year Warranty:

Mobile Tech Lab offers a 1-year limited warranty on all new and used devices we sell, giving you peace of mind with your purchase. This one year warranty covers any technical defects with the exception of physical and/or liquid damage. Our 1-year warranty is voided if the device has been repaired, and/or opened by any third party (any party beside Mobile Tech Lab).

We offer free return shipping on all warranty claims. Once the shipment is received, our technician will test and diagnose the device and we will determine the warranty outcome. If your device is under warranty we will repair it, or provide a replacement at no charge.

Need to file a warranty claim? Click here to get claim free return shipping label