Cheap iPhone Prices in Canada? (2023 Updated)

Cheap and iPhone aren’t really words that go together, especially in the regulated market we have in Canada, but with many older models still viable and compatible with iOS14 there are some great options when it comes to finding inexpensive cell phones in Canada. Whether you’re looking to downgrade, or find a suitable option for a youngsters first time phone, here are some of the best options alongside what the current market options are as of the first quarter of 2021.


The iPhone 12, Apple’s newest release is available for 24 monthly payments of $34.58+tax, which comes out to over $900 which is still a saving of a few hundred off the outright retail price of $1,160. This doesn’t include the credit they’ll give you for trading in your old device - we at Mobile Tech Lab can definitely give you more - and of course the cost of the monthly plan and associated taxes, which is close to $100/month. 


The same iPhone 12 through Rogers is $34.75+tax/mo over the same term, and they have branded the upfront discount off Apple’s sticker price as a $330 Upfront Edge credit. They do however make it clear that the phone is to be returned after the 24 month financing period, and have a similar trade-in price and bonuses with prepayment. They also require taxes on the entire bill paid upfront, which is the standard for every cellular carrier offering financed phones in Canada. 

Are There Cheap iPhones from Cellular Carriers?

The carriers still make financing earlier iPhone models possible, but these are still $500+ stickers before taxes. Rogers has the iPhone SE 2020 - the second edition, that basically looks like the iPhone 8 - for $615+tax or $25.63/mo or the iPhone XR for $720+tax or $30/mo. Both these phones are over 24 month terms, in which time you can expect two more iterations of the iPhone to be released. 

The truth is, the carriers stay profitable by making sure even the lowest tier phones are still solid and as such charge you accordingly. Any budget friendly options will be offered through their sub-brands, Chatr, Public Mobile or Lucky Mobile however they are usually limited to Android devices and less popular or recognizable manufacturers like Alcatel, Motorola or LG. 

Finding Affordable iPhone Prices in Canada with Mobile Tech Lab

DeviceList is Canada’s fair and trusted mobile device marketplace, and that’s because we connect you with local repair shops across Canada, which make your search for a cheap iPhone in Canada much less painful. 

No longer do you have to justify weak options, not getting the phone or price you want and settling for less. 

No longer do you have to awkwardly deal with sketchy Kijiji or Facebook deals and risk getting ripped off. Cash deals in Tim Horton parking lots are a thing of the past, and something we envision making obsolete as we move into and past 2021. 

Buying a cheap iPhone from DeviceList is easy - effortlessly browse phones from Authorized Dealers across Canada. Independent mobile repair and retail shops which have been hand picked by us due to their customer service, years in business, and selection of devices available. 

These same shops have made their in store inventory available on and they can either be shipped or picked up in store. Any old devices you have on hand can also be sold to DeviceList Authorized Dealers for cash or credit towards any device. We’re proud to offer this as a competitive buyback option to the carriers like Rogers or Bell which often only offer you low prices and pay out in bill credit - not cash. We’ll actually give you multiple cash offers for your device and payout via e-transfer. 

In addition to that, financing insurance and extended warranties are all available - without the risk of off-market Facebook cash deals or bloated carrier financing options. 

Buying Unlocked iPhones for Cheap in Canada

Since DeviceList is a marketplace, you can filter for several options - certain models, price ranges, condition and location if local pickup or shipping is preferred. 

It’s also important to note that all our phones are unlocked and will work on any network worldwide. When you buy a phone off a random Facebook marketplace post you have no long term guarantee that the device will always work on your specific network. Insurance fraud is quite rampant, where users can finance a new phone through Rogers or Bell, sell it for cash right away, and 

These are some of the most common inexpensive and cheap iPhone models we carry as well as their pros and cons

iPhone 6S / SE (2016)


  • Still supported by iOS14 as of early 2021
  • Very inexpensive to fix or replace battery
  • Larger capacity 128GB option available for marginally more cost.


  • Chipset and CPU is noticeably slower for those that will rely on their phones for multitasking
  • Camera isn’t up to modern standards
  • Battery capacity is going to suffer, even when replaced - 1,715mAh vs 2,716mAh on an iPhone X which was released in 2017.  

Mobile Tech Lab has iPhone SE and 6S starting from $149 for a 16GB model - click here to see our current selection. 

iPhone 7


  • Still supported by iOS 14.2, likely not next to be deprecated. 
  • Faster chipset is more manageable for daily users who don’t want a laggy experience. 
  • Still an inexpensive device to repair, especially when it comes to battery or screen replacements.


  • First generation to deprecate the headphone jack, you’ll need AirPods or a dongle.
  • Only three capacity options, 32GB, 128GB and 256GB
  • Minor upgrade in battery performance from previous generations and no wireless charging despite being a 2016 Apple release.

Mobile Tech Lab has iPhone 7 32GB models starting at $199, making it one of the most cost-effective phones we sell today.

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