Samsung S5 Neo Insurance - How Your Next Screen Repair Could Be $0

The Samsung S5 Neo was an exclusive release for the Canadian market, and played off the 2014 release of the Samsung Galaxy S5, using the same 5.1” Super AMOLED display and a removable 2,800mAh battery. This would be the last time a physically removable battery was used in a Samsung Galaxy S series device, as well as the last time the micro-SIM technology was used. The other main difference between the S5 and S5 Neo was that the latter was only available in 16GB storage capacity, while the international Galaxy S5 had 16GB and 32GB options. Both were able to accept expansion via microSDXC cards as well as the S6 Edge Plus which had limited availability in the Canadian market.

While many would disagree with the phone being suitable for anything other than a backup device in 2020, the screen repair process is something that many local cell phone repair shops still have to deal with. Customers are often perplexed at how a phone that is close to 7 years old can still cost upwards of $100 to get fixed.

samsung s5 neo

Broken Screen Insurance for Your Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo

The S5 Neo definitely isn’t supported by Samsung, or the current Android release. You can’t even get a prepaid Public Mobile or Lucky Mobile SIM anywhere in Manitoba in the correct format. So what do you do when you’ve got a broken screen or cracked glass on your Samsung S5 Neo? Pay $100+ to fix an ancient, almost obsolete phone?

Prior to reading this post, your answer may just have well been yes. However with the third party insurance options Mobile Tech Lab has available for all devices, that doesn’t have to be the case.

All Mobile Tech Lab locations offer Bounce accidental broken screen insurance which can be applied to new, pre-owned, or even 7 year old devices like the Samsung S5 Neo as long as they currently are not damaged and are functioning. Unlike Rogers Device Protection, this isn’t tied into you financing a phone - you don’t even have to have purchased the phone from us.

How Much Does Samsung S5 Neo Insurance Cost?

Bounce has three very flexible and affordable coverage options.

Prime Protection - $49.99 2 screen replacements within one year of activation, $150 per claim.

Premium Protection - $69.99 2 screen replacements within one year of activation, $250 per claim

Elite Protection - $99.99 2 screen replacements within one year of activation, $500 per claim

In the case of the S5 Neo, the Prime Protection would be plenty and for a small upfront fee, you’re actually covered for the entire 365 day period.

How Do You Activate The Insurance Coverage?

Bounce has a cool app, which allows you to make an account, verify your identity and then take a picture of the phone in the mirror to document that the screen isn’t damaged. There is also a function to test the actual touch screen responsiveness. Once these are done, your insurance coverage is immediately active, and you’re good to go.

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